Usually, cats have a chilled and calm nature but some breeds are not familiar with this behavior. Still, some people want to have these aggressive cats because they found that different and adorable. Let’s see the most aggressive cat breeds in the US.

And feline aggression is a common problem in domestic cats and many aggressive cat owners don’t know how to deal with it. So here I am to show you the 19 most aggressive cat breeds in the US.

They have aggressive behavior and they won’t hesitate to nip and bite if someone comes into their comfort zone or tease them.

But there can be many reasons why they act and behave like this. They can be short-tempered, afraid, over-excited, for extra attention, or sensitive to humans.

This is the list of the 19 most aggressive kittens in the US to help you to avoid or to choose a better cat for you. And if you are looking for a spicy kitten then this list might help you.

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19 most aggressive cat breeds in the US

1. Sphynx


Sphynx a very different cat breed are hyperactive and they need lots of playtimes. They are capable to learn new things very fast and they are very good at playing fetch.

They are aggressive cats in nature and being too intelligent with low stimulation leads to boredom. So they need constant entertainment to cope with boredom otherwise it will lead to aggression in Sphynx.

Sphynx Features and Specifications

Name Sphynx
Height8-10 inches
Weight6-14 pounds
Size Medium
Lifespan9-15 years
Colorwhite, black, red
chocolate, lavender
Features and Specifications
The Cost of Sphynx in the US is around $1500 to $3000 and can go up to $10,000

2. Siamese


A beautiful-looking cat breed being the most aggressive and territorial cat breed and they are known for their aggression.

And if you have other pets in your house then it will be harder for you to keep Siamese and other pets in the house without issues. Because Siamese feels jealous very easily and they will take time to used to it.

Because they are very needy and want constant attention and seeing the attention distributed is not the Siamese thing to appreciate.

Siamese Features and Specifications

Name Siamese
Height29 – 31 cm
Weight8 to 15 pounds
Size Medium
Lifespan15 – 20 years
ColorBlue, Seal Point, Lilac, Chocolate
Caramel, Cinnamon, Red, Tabby
Features and Specifications
The cost of Siamese in the US is Average $600 - $1200 USD

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3. Bombay


A hybrid mix cat breed called the Bombay and they are aggressive as well as fearless. Being the same traits and behavior issues as the Siamese and Sphynx, the Bombay cat breed also needs much attention and they are short-tempered also.

And most of their sudden aggression towards the owner causes them to grab their attention.

Bombay Features and Specifications

Bombay Features
Height9 to 13 inches
Weight8 to 15 pounds
Size Medium
Lifespan9 to 15 years
Colorblack / ebony
Features and Specifications
The cost of Bombay cat breed in the US is around $600 - $1000 USD.

4. Scottish Fold

Scottish Fold
Scottish Fold

Scottish Fold behavior is too unpredictable but they are known as friendly cat breeds, who adjust with other cats or pets, even with dogs also all it will take a little bit of time only.

So why they are in this aggressive cat breeds in the US list, I tell you why. There is another side of Scottish Fold that is aggressive which you need to know.

They can be aggressive if they don’t get regular attention, care, and social activity. And if you are the kind of person who leaves a cat alone at home lots of time then Scottish Fold is not for you.

Scottish Fold Features and Specifications

Scottish FoldFeatures
NameScottish Fold
Height8 to 10 inches
Weight6 to 9 pounds (female)
9 to 13 pounds (male)
Size Medium
Lifespan11 to 14 years
Colorwhite, blue, cream, silver
black, cameo, and brown
Features and Specifications
The cost of Scottish Fold in the US is around $250–$500.

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5. Cymric


A great combination of a beautiful and aggressive cat. Cymric is a medium-sized cat breed that has a muscular body structure. They are powerful and robust back but still lack a tail.

They are naturally strong and excellent jumpers. Like the other aggressive cats in this list, they are also hyperactive.

Cymric Features and Specifications

Name Cymric
Height 7 to 11 inches
Weight7 – 13 Pounds
Size Medium
Lifespan9 – 13 Years
ColorChocolate and lavender
Features and Specifications
The cost of Cymric in the US is around $300 to $600.

6. Egyptian Mau

Egyptian Mau
Egyptian Mau

A stunning-looking gorgeous cat breed who is not much social and makes distance with strangers. They are intelligent, obedient, and even-tempered.

Egyptian Mau bonds strongly with their owner and if you need a loyal cat breed like a dog then Egyptian Mau is for you. And they can be messy when they get bored.

They have some traits of dogs like affectionate, friendly, intelligent, and trainable.

Egyptian Mau Features and Specifications

Egyptian MauFeatures
Name Egyptian Mau
Height7 to 11 inches
Weight8 to 12 pounds
Size Medium
Lifespan9 to 13 years
Color silver, bronze, or smoke
Features and Specifications
The price of Egyptian Mau in the US is $1000 - $1200 USD on average.

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7. Savannah


Savannah is a very different cat breed in terms of traits, behavior, and appearance. They are very energetic, independent, adventurous, hyperactive, and aggressive.

They love to play around with their owner and they love to play fetch also.

And is having the traits of African wildcat they have strong hunting instincts. So hamsters, fish, and parrots are not safe around them.

Savannah Features and Specifications

Name Savannah
Height14-17 inches
Weight12-25 pounds
Size Large
Lifespan12-20 years
Colorblack/ebony lavender
silver chocolate / brown
Features and Specifications
The Savannah cats typically sell for between $1,000 and $20,000

8. Singapura


A small-sized cat breed who is very eager to climb and explore all over you and on anything they can reach. So be ready for lots of scratching and pawing.

They are very vocal cat breeds so ready to hear their meous all over the house and don’t get them bored otherwise you will face the consequences.

And the best thing is they don’t get mature in terms of behavior as they grow old like other cat breeds they love to be hyperactive playful cats forever.

Singapura Features and Specifications

Name Singapura
Height6 to 8 inches
Weight4 to 8 pounds
Size Small
Lifespan9 to 15 years
Colorbrown ticked agouti
Features and Specifications
The price of Singapura in the US is around $1,200 to $1,600.

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9. Serval Cats

Serval Cats
Serval Cats

Serval cats are not the domestic cat breed so why they are on the list of aggressive cats?

They are wild cats and they are illegal in most of the cities to having them but still, some crazy people and celebrities keep them as a pet.

And keeping a wild creature in a house who is meant for adventure, free to move, and the hunt is risky because you don’t know when they turned into their natural behavior.

They can bond with their owners but still, they are dangerous to strangers and they are unpredictable.

They need regular exercise and attention, and they need lots of space to live comfortably.

Serval Cats Features and Specifications

Serval CatFeatures
Name Serval
Height54–62 cm
Weight9–18 kg
Size Large
Lifespan10 – 20 Years
Colorgolden-yellow to buff coat
spotted and striped with black
Features and Specifications
On average, the price of Serval cat is around $1700 to $2800 in the US.

10. Bengal


A Beautiful domestic cat breed reminds their wildness from their coat pattern because they are a mix of house cats and leopards.

And they get their traits and wildness from their ancestors. And one thing to keep in mind while finding the Bengal cats is that to make ensure you are getting a fourth-generation Bengal cat.

They have aggression and territorial spraying issue. And Bengal cat needs more attention, exercise, and maintenance than other cats.

Bengal Features and Specifications

Bengal Features
Name Bengal
Height8-10 inches
Weight8-15 pounds
Size Medium
Lifespan9-15 years
Colorblack and brown
Features and Specifications
The Bengal cat average price is $1,500 – $3,000 in the US.

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11. Caracal


Caracal is a wild cat and thinks twice before having a Caracal cat in your house. Caracal is a medium-sized cat breed and they can be found in India, Asia, Pakistan, and Africa.

They have long legs, short faces, and big canine teeth. They are highly sensitive, aggressive, and difficult to observe.

They like to be more active at night more than in the day and small living things are not safe around them at all.

Caracal Features and Specifications

Height40–45 cm
Weight12 Kg
Size Large
Lifespan10 – 18 Years
Colortawny or reddish-gold
with a white chin, throat
Features and Specifications
The Caracal cats can cost anywhere from $1,700 to $2,800 in the US.

12. Chausie


A well-known cat breed from the United States the Chausie is pronounced as “Chow-see”. A mixed breed of wild cats is called the Jungle cat and the domestic cats.

They are social, affectionate, and sometimes aggressive if they don’t get treated well. They are highly active and playful and need lots of stimulation and the company of someone.

And they are rare and hard to find and they don’t do well if they are left alone.

Chausie Features and Specifications

Height14 to 18 Inches
Weight9-15 pounds
Size Medium
LifespanAbout 15 Years
Colorsolid black, black grizzled
tabby, and black
Features and Specifications
The cost can range from $1,000 to $2,500 of a Chausie in the US.

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13. Pixie Bob

Pixie Bob
Pixie Bob

Pixie Bob is a social yet aggressive cat breed, they are highly confident and sociable and one more thing they meow a lot. Which proves that they are vocal and expressive.

Pixie Bob loves to growl and chirp towards his owner and even more at strangers. They are closely related to the bobcats. They are a large and strong cat breed and they love playfighting also.

Pixie Bob Features and Specifications

Pixie BobFeatures
NamePixie Bob
Height9 to 13 inches
Weight9 to 14 pounds
Size Medium
Lifespan13 to 15 years
Colorfawn cinnamon blue
gray red/orange
Features and Specifications
A Pixie Bob will cost from $500-$1500 in the US.

14. Abyssinian


Abyssinian is a beautiful, large-sized cat breed with graceful looks. Abyssinians are incredibly smart and most of the time curious and you have to used to see them in every non-reachable corner in the house.

They are not good lap cats and they need socialization and training at an early age.

They are also featured in some Disney movies and they are also played a role in Australia’s first pedigreed breed of cat.

Abyssinian Features and Specifications

Name Abyssinian
Height8 to 10 inches
Weight8 to 12 pounds
Size Small
Lifespan9 to 13 years
ColorUsual or Ruddy
Features and Specifications
A Abyssinian cat will cost around $900 - $1500 in the US.

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15. American Wirehair

American Wirehair
American Wirehair

American Wirehair is a great example of a silent alone cat, they are less needy and love to spend time alone and they are good at entertaining themselves.

But leaving them alone for a long time leads to your additional expenses which your cat will make after destroying your stuff through boredom.

American Wirehair Features and Specifications

American WirehairFeatures
NameAmerican Wirehair
Height9 to 11 inches
Weight8 to 12 pounds
Size Medium
Lifespan10 to 16 years
Colorwhite black / ebony red / orange blue
gray lavender / silver cream / beige
Features and Specifications
An American Wirehair will cost between $800–$1,200 in the US.

16. The Mekong Bobtail

The Mekong Bobtail
The Mekong Bobtail

The Mekong Bobtail slightly one of the expensive cat breeds cost around a thousand dollars. They are intelligent, active, and affectionate cats and they love to sit on a lap and be petted.

They are that kind of cat which you will find on your doorstep whenever you came home. And the only cons is that they can be a little bit aggressive sometimes when they don’t get enough care and attention.

The Mekong Bobtail Features and Specifications

Mekong BobtailFeatures
NameMekong Bobtail
Height7-9 inches
Weight8 to 10 pounds
Size Small
Lifespan15-18 years
ColorPointed coat in a
wide range of colors
Features and Specifications
The cost of Mekong Bobtail in the US is around $1,000.

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17. Canadian Lynx

Canadian Lynx
Canadian Lynx

Canadian Lynx is one of the rarest cat breeds remaining like around less than 50 Canada Lynx remaining in Washington, and only a few dozen individuals.

And having Canadian Lynx is risky but some people find that interesting and adventurous. They are wild animals and they need respect and care more than a domestic pet.

And they are protected under the Endangered Species Act as a threatened species.

Canadian Lynx Features and Specifications

Canadian LynxFeatures
NameCanadian Lynx
Height48 – 56 cm
Weight8 – 11 Kg
Size Large
Lifespan10 – 20 Years
Coloryellowish to rusty, reddish-brown
muted with silver, tipped with white 
Features and Specifications
Canadian Lynx price in the US is around $1500–$20,000.

18. Korat


A rare and one of the most expensive cat breeds and who needs to be bred by professionals with the adequate process because they are prone to genetic diseases.

So always choose a Reputable and trustworthy breeder while buying a Korat kitten.

They need constant attention and love and they are not much vocal also. And they are likely to tease you if they don’t get your attention.

Korat Features and Specifications

Height9 to 13 inches
Weight6 to 10 pounds
Size Medium
Lifespan10 to 15 years
Colorblue / gray
Features and Specifications
The price of Korat in the US is around $500 - $800.

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19. Maine Coon

Maine Coon
Maine Coon

The Maine Coon is one of the popular cat breeds in the US and one of the most aggressive ones.

Although, they are gentle cats and are not naturally aggressive they can act aggressively if they feel stressed and threatened.

They are very poor in socialization, they are expensive, and they are high-maintenance cats.

Maine Coon Features and Specifications

Maine CoonFeatures
NameMaine Coon
Height10-16 inches
Weight9 to 18 pounds
Size Large
Lifespan10-13 years
Colorwhite black / ebony red / orange blue
gray cream / beige / tan chocolate
Features and Specifications
The price of Maine Coon in the US is around $400 – $2000.

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FAQ’s – Aggressive Kittens in the US

These are the territorial cats and aggressive behavior or food aggression in cats is quite common behavior of them.

These are the most related questions asked by people who are interested in aggressive American cats.

How to fix an aggressive cat?

Observing cats and recognization their aggression without making any physical contact is usually better than nothing. And avoid instance which makes your cat aggressive. And separation cats from each other, if you have more cats, is a good solution to the territorial aggression issue.

What does it mean when your cat becomes aggressive?

Cats show their aggression to cope with their fear whenever they feel threatened or stressed. Their aggression works as their defense tool when they make defensive body language. And if you see cat aggression from fear so do not go near them at all.

Why do aggressive cats suddenly attack their owners?

There can be many reasons like a misguided play, a mistake, a show of dominance, or fear it can be anything and you need to observe their body language and avoid a situation that makes them aggressive.

Can cats be aggressive for no reason?

Cats don’t do a single thing without reason, there always be something that makes them do everything. If your cat’s behavior changes suddenly from gentle to aggressive then there is something happened you need to observe. And most of the time cats show aggression for two reasons which are fear or dominance.

Should I be put down by an aggressive cat?

Looking for the solution to avoid aggression in cats should be the first task and avoiding them can lead to greater danger. The longer you overlook the issue the strong and bigger it becomes. So don’t wait until your cat has done that something should never happen. So put calm down your aggressive cat.

How do you punish a cat for attacking me?

At first, they will make a safe and warm approach to you before attacking like start playing with your hand or shoes. Stop what they usually do before attacking by making a distance, making a loud noise, or spraying water on them.

How does my cat grab my hand and bite me?

Cat usually shows unexpected aggressive nature like grabbing hands and biting them and reason could be anything like boredom, fear, stress, or annoyance with petting.

How do you discipline a cat for biting?

There could be some best ways or some bad ways to discipline a cat from biting you. Like, observe things before they bite you and consider the situation in which they are prone to biting and showing aggression.

Why does my cat hug my arm and bite me?

Cats show this behavior by hugging the arm and biting when they want to tell you something or want to stop you from petting them. Or maybe when they get annoyed or stressed.


This is all about the Most aggressive cat breeds in the US and which cat is most aggressive in the US. And aggression is the most common trait in cats.

And all of the breeds are more intense and sensitive than the average cat breed in the US. This is why most cat owners avoid having them.

Most of the time cat’s bad behavior is triggered by their unstable environment.

They are not ideal for first-time cat owners because they need an experienced breeder to train them.

And you can also consider them if you want an adventure or challenge.

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