Need some Best Badminton shoes Under 100 dollar to play outstanding.

Then this is the right place to find the 7 best badminton shoes in the USA.

If you want to upgrade your footwork and your performance in Badminton you need some of the best and budget-friendly accessories.

And Shoes are one of the most essential accessories in badminton.

So let’s go and see the best $100 dollar badminton shoes in the USA.

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7 Best Badminton Shoes Under 100 Dollars List

Badminton ShoesCheck Price
1. Babolat Shadow Badminton ShoesAmazon
2. YONEX Power Badminton ShoesAmazon
3. Yonex SHB Badminton ShoesAmazon
4. YONEX SHB 65 ShoesAmazon
5. Yonex Power R2Amazon
6. PUMA Men’s Soccer ShoeAmazon
7. HEAD Men’s Badminton ShoesAmazon
Best badminton shoes under 100 dollar list

These are the top badminton shoes under 100 dollars in the USA to choose from. All of them are backed by big and reputable brands with great reviews.

You can choose from any of these badminton shoes and will thank me after using them.

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7 Under 100 Dollars Badminton Shoes

1.Babolat Shadow Badminton Shoes

These are the Babolat Shadow Spirit Men’s Shoes, best for Badminton and comes in Navy Blue or Orange color.

When your first prefrence in badminton shoes is comfort then these could be your first choice.

It has a thin cast that wraps around your feet gently and gives you the feeling of wearing a feather.

You won’t need to lace it up tightly.

Because the main objective of buying great shoes is comfortable, stability, and grip. whether you jumping or sliding the badminton shoes will support you.


  • Light Weight
  • Comfortable
  • Affordable

What We Like

  • Good Lateral Movement
  • Great Stopping Power
  • Tight Grip on the Floor

2. YONEX Power Badminton Shoes

YONEX Power Cushion 65 Z2 Men’s Badminton Shoes. It comes with superb quality and made of quality material.

These shoes are durable and comfortable and allow great mobility while playing badminton.

Whereas on the outsole of the shoe, a Hexagrip natural rubber is installed that not only gives you a good grip while jumping or doing any instant movement.

It also gives a very light feel and increases your speed.

Overall, these shoes are very comfortable and come at a very affordable price.

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  • The top model of the Yonex Power Cushion 65 shoe series.
  • ToughBrid Light
  • Tough Guard III

What We Like

  • TPU midsole which adds extra support
  • Hexagrip sole for better grip and impact absorption
  • Attractive design and super-comfortable

3. Yonex SHB Badminton Shoes

Yonex SHB 47 EX Indoor Badminton Court Sports Shoes is one of the best shoes by Yonex for badminton at this price range.

It has almost all features like the Yonex expensive shoes but the price is very different from the High-end badminton shoes.

These shoes have great grip and prevent sliding on the court because of the material used in sole.

These shoes are specially designed for players who play aggressively and take brisk movements.

The synthetic material used in its built makes it strong, durable and ultra-flexible.


  • Durable
  • Strong Grip
  • High comfort

What We Like

  • Breathable mesh for dry feet
  • Synthetic stable overlays providing durability
  • Light in weight

4. YONEX SHB 65 Shoes

This shoe is a great combination of power and beauty and this should be your first choice while choosing the best badminton shoes for you.

The cushioning feature is outstanding and doing a pretty excellent job and provides stability and grip with it.

What’s premium is its extra grade rubber and non-marking sole, resulting in a good grip as you lunge or make other quick movements.

Needless to say, the ventilation of Yonex badminton shoes is great and keeps your feet sweet-free and dry throughout the game.

Overall this can be your best choice if you are finding the best badminton shoes under 100 dollars.

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  • Lightweight, durable and comfortable
  • Stability
  • Can be used to play volleyball as well

What We Like

  • Strong Grip on floor
  • Helps taking brisk movement

5. Yonex Power SHB-65 

Don’t think that we are biased while adding couples of Yonex shoes to this list and the reason for this is Yonex deserves it. They have provides so many great pairs of shoes at an affordable price.

The level of comfort and the way they enhance your performance in the court are simply impressive.

These shoes provide comfort and stability and have great cushioning and a pretty design.

Lightweight shoes gives you a great feel as soon as you wear and stroll around.

Its ventilation is also great, thanks to the extensive mesh paneling on the upper. This keeps your feet cool and dry throughout the session and keeps you laser-focused on the game.

Overall, these are high-performing shoes, light in weight, and comes with an excellent cushioning system.


  • Extremely comfortable
  • Proper ventilation
  • Outstanding stability

What We Like

  • Excellent cushioning
  • Light Weight
  • Affordable

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6. PUMA Men’s Invicto SALA Soccer Shoe

Don’t be shocked at why we add soccer shoes to the list of best badminton shoes under 100 dollars.

Because they worth it.

These are the one of the best Puma shoes for badminton and soccer.

These shoes are comfortable. lightweight, and comes with a strong grip. The best thing about these shoes is the perfect combination of leather and textile which gives them an elegant touch.

It has a great ventilation system and a lace-up system in it and provides a great experience.

Its soles are constructed from rubber and provides you with the ultimate stability on any surface you are playing on.

Its toe is also rubber enforces that helps increase your speed and agility.


  • Advanced Puma’s design
  • Excellent grip

What We Like

  • Better ventilation which keeps your feet dry
  • Multiple color options
  • Light Weight

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7. HEAD Men’s Badminton Shoes

HEAD Men’s Sonic 2000 MID Indoor Badminton Court Shoes (Non-Marking) comes in Black/Blue & White/Blue colors.

If you haven’t found comfort in badminton shoes, it is time that you forget all the options you had in mind and go once and for all for the HEAD Men’s Sonic Shoes.

These are unarguably the most comfortable, non-slip, and high-performing badminton shoes in the 100 dollars price range in the market.

Even though it doesn’t have any special work to provide the best ventilation but trust me you won’t feel any discomfort and itchiness.

Overall, these shoes are pretty nice and perform well on the badminton court.


  • Offers the stability and grip you need during the game
  • Very comfortable
  • Durable & Affordable
  • Attractive design

What We Like

  • Strong Grip
  • Best sole

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How to Choose best badminton Shoes Under 100 Dollars

Today I will tell you how to purchase a perfect badminton shoe to upgrade your game.

The amount of money that we spend in buying a racket, we should spend similar money while buying shoes.

because it is also very important.

So I’m dividing it into three parts

  • Lower Sole
  • Mid Sole
  • Upper part

Let me explain this through an example.

You can see a car.

You can think of the upper part of the car, a shoe’s upper part, compare the car’s suspension with the midsole of the shoe,

And compare car tires with the shoe’s lower sole.

Let me tell you all the categories in detail.

1. Lower Sole

best badminton shoes under 100 dollars
best badminton shoes under 100 dollars

First, you should know about the Lover Sole of Badminton Shoes to get more details about shoes and it can help you to choose the best badminton shoes under 50 Dollars for you.

Non- Marking Badminton Shoes

So my first point is about non-marking shoes.

Non-marking shoes don’t leave any markings on the badminton court.

Basically, it is in rubber form.

So there is a rubber form and helps you from slipping while you’re playing on the badminton court.

Also, give you a good grip.

So guys, if you play wearing a running shoe, spike shoe, loafer, or sneaker.

All these leave marks on the badminton court, which damages the badminton court.

And at the same time, it can cause you injury.

So I think it is very important to wear non-marking shoes while playing badminton.

2. Mid Sole – 100 Dollar Badminton Shoes

best badminton shoes under 100 dollars
best badminton shoes under 100 dollars

So, now I will tell you about Midsole.
We refer to this area of the shoe as the midsole. Basically, it provides us cushion and stability.

So, the more this area is smaller, the more stability it will provide, and if I talk about its cushion.

Whenever you land after hitting a shot or after doing a movement, you get an opposite force from the ground, as a shock.

So the cushion absorbs this shock.

There are two types of cushion

  • True Cushion
  • Power Cushion

True Cushion vs Power Cushion

In true cushion, we have two layers of shock absorption technology.

Whereas in power cushion, there are three layers of shock absorption technology.

Here, there is another advantage of power cushion

If you are making any movement, the energy is required in that movement.

60% of that energy will bounce back and help you for the next movement.

I will illustrate this with an example.

If you drop an egg from a height of 7 meters on a power cushion mat then it will bounce back up to 4 meters of height.

So this is an advantage of power cushion.

Upper Part of Under 100 Dollar Badminton Shoes

best badminton shoes under 100 dollars
best badminton shoes under 100 dollars

The upper part of the badminton shoes is important because you don’t want to feel uncomfortable while wearing the shoes. Let’s know more about it.

Breathing Ability in Badminton Shoes

Now I will tell you about breathing ability.

Your shoes must have small holes/pores because wearing shoes after wearing
socks and doing movements in badminton court.

Or doing some exercise like agility.

It causes a lot of sweat and heat in your feet. So to overcome all these problems, having small holes in your shoes is very essential.

So, guys, this portion is called counter.

It is basically solid, and it supports our heel and ankle and saves us from getting unbalanced.

Size of Badminton Shoes

Now I will tell you about the size of the badminton shoe. Because you don’t want to miss this out otherwise you will struggle out later.

The shoe that you are going to buy must fit you perfectly from side n back.
If it is half inches long from the front then also it is acceptable.

And when you are playing badminton on the court, your shoelaces must be tight
that will give you a good movement.

If you choose bigger size shoes than yours and tie the shoelaces loosely.

Then chances of getting an injury, like strain increases, and in the worst case, you may get an ankle twist.

So a perfect shoe fitting is important and shoelaces should be tied tightly.

Weight of Badminton Shoes

Now I will tell you about the overall weight of the shoe.

As you know, you need to make fast movements in badminton.

The more lightweight the shoe will be, the more fast movements you can make.

So your badminton shoe must be lightweight.

Badminton Shoes Material

under 100 dollar badminton shoes
under 100 dollar badminton shoes

Now if we talk about the shoe material, most of the time it is made of leather synthetic material or synthetic fiber material.

So whenever you perform an exercise or you move, the badminton shoe often bend like this

This creates a line here and eventually, you get holes here.

So guys you must check the material before purchasing the badminton shoe and also check its description well before buying any shoes.

Ankle Support of Badminton Shoes

Like when you play sports like badminton you don’t know from where will the shuttle came.

So you have to jump, run, and twist within a seconds and all the directions you made happen through your ankle.

This means that your ankle must have to be mobile and comfortable with a free range of motion.

For that purpose, badminton shoes are specially designed with less ankle support to ensure that players can easily more and can change their direction instantly.

But there is a little bit of ankle support available to ensure player safety but not that much so players won’t be able to move freely and extra ankle support can lead to serious injuries.

So always go for those badminton shoes which have flexible ankle support.

Ergo shape

It provides stability and comfort while playing the game. Helps your toes to be flexible and prevent injuries while taking the instant moments.

Ergo shape provides 2 things While playing the game which is comfortability and stability also.

Extra Moisture Control

This is the premium feature that comes with high-quality expensive shoes but you can try to get a better deal so you have to keep this in your list also while choosing the shoes.

It provides comfortability, ventilation, and a dry feeling while playing an intense game.

Last Advice on buying Badminton Shoes under 100 Dollars

So if you look for those things while buying your best badminton shoes to date you will get these benefits.

  • Injuries Prevention
  • Blisters Prevention
  • Great Performance
  • Optimum Power

I have done my work on finding the best badminton shoes under 100 dollars in the USA now it’s your time to check reviews and your preferences.

Our optimum goal is to help you to find the perfect pair of badminton shoes on a budget because Time and money matters for everyone.

If you have any queries related to this post you can comment down below we will look out as soon as we can.

And If you have any suggestion related to shoes you can put this down below in comment section we will try to add up in our next list.