Want to know the British Shorthair price in the US then you are at the right place. But you should know that the price of a cat depends on many factors like the type of breeder, quality, and place.

Let me explain to you a little bit.

The price of British Shorthair in the US depends on where you are getting the cat and from which kind of breeder you getting a cat and last but not least the quality of the breed.

Firstly let me tell you a little bit about the British Shorthair.

British Shorthair originated from Britain a charming, beautiful, and lovely cat breed.

And they are very popular around the globe. Their other names are Highlander, Britannica, and Highland Straight.

They are large in size with a Dense short coat as you can guess from his name British Shorthair.

And they love to sit on your lap.

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British Shorthair Cat Price in the US

The price of a British Shorthair cat is around $1,200 – $2,300. The cats that come from high-titled breeding lines will cost around $1,500 to $3,000 or more.

Prices depend on quality, age, and show a record of the British Shorthair.

Known for its exteriors and refined manners, the British Shorthair represents the life of English Upper-Class society.

British Shorthair is one of the oldest cat breeds in the world and that’s impressive. Because there have traces in history as far back as the 1 AD-like in the Roman Empire time period.

And in terms of appearance, the British Shorthair attracts the Upper-class society and they also are the royal cat breeds.

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British Shorthair Features and Specifications

British Shorthair Features and Specifications
Name British Shorthair
Other NamesHighlander, Highland Straight,
And Britannica
OriginUnited Kingdom
Popularity3rd Most Popular cat breed
CoatShort, Plush, and Dense
Lap CatYes
TemperamentAffectionate, Easy Going,
Gentle, Loyal, Patient, and
Life span12-17 Years
WeightMales: 12-18 Pounds
Females: 9-15 Pounds
ColorsBrown, Blue, Red,
Silver, and Cream
Price of British ShorthairAverage $1,200 – $2,300 USD
British Shorthair Features and Specifications

British Shorthair Characteristics

British Shorthair Cat Price in the US
British Shorthair Cat Price in the US

These are some important characteristics you need to know about the British Shorthair to make sure what really you are getting.

  • Affection Level: Yes, they are very affectinated towards his owner.
  • Adaptability : They can adapt easily.
  • Child Friendly : Yes, they are child friendly. They are really good to childerns also.
  • Dog Friendly : Yes, they are also very friendly to dogs.
  • Energy Level : Moderate
  • Grooming : Moderate Grooming needs because they are low maintainence cat breeds.
  • Health Issues : Hypoallerginic: No. They don’t have any health related issues.
  • Intelligence : They are intelligent cat breeds.
  • Shedding : Minimal shedding, little or no shedding.
  • Stranger Friendly : Not much
  • Social Needs : Moderately, They needs moderate social attention.
  • Vocalization : Low Vocalization, they are quite kind of cat breeds who don’t want to cry or meowing all the time.

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British Shorthair Popular names of both male and female

These are the most used and popular names of British Shorthair in the US. And if you like any of them so don’t hesitate to choose one for your lovely kitty.

12Male NamesFemale Names
British Shorthair Popular names of both male and female

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Are British Shorthair Expensive?

British Shorthair
British Shorthair

Yes, British Shorthair is an Expensive cat breed and a British Shorthair can cost between $800 to $1,000 but it can cost up to $2,500.

The British Shorthair is an adorable, beautiful, and chubby royal cat breed. and they come in many beautiful colors and are popular for their copper eyes.

And they are one of the most expensive cat breeds.

Are British Shorthair Rare in the US?

Yes, they are fairly rare in the United States. As you know that Breeders started honing the pedigree and started writhing breed standards in 1871.

And the British Shorthair appeared in his origin land England in the first official cat show in the 1800s.

And the British Shorthair was officially recognized by the CFA in May 1980.

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How much does a Shorthair Cat cost?

Buying an AmercianShorthairr can be expensive and as I told you earlier a shorthair can cost you around $600 to $1,200 and even more from a reputable breeder.

How much do British Shorthair Kitten cost UK?

A British Shorthair kitten cost in Uk is between £1200 and £2000 from a registered reputable breeder and £350 and £800 from an unregistered breeder in the UK.

Yes, I know that this isn’t an expensive cat breed but trust me it will be worth your every single penny.

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Overview of British Shorthair

 British Shorthair cost in the US
British Shorthair cost in the US

The British Shorthair is also known as the Brit or the English cat is the national cat of the British Isles.

They are a beautiful, loyal, and strong cat breed with a little bit of chubbiness.

They have a broad chest, large rounded paws, and short strong legs. Their tail is thick, plush but not floppy and round at the tip.

The males are always bigger and strong than the females.

They are an intelligent and friendly cat breed and they are also great with kids and families. Their sweet, gentle, and wonderful nature makes them one of the most popular and demanded cat breeds in the US.

They adapt easily to farms, cities, apartments, and the palace. They are not noisy and pushy cat breeds, and they are great lap cats also.

The origin of British Shorthair

The British Shorthair is originated from Britain, during the rule of Queen Victoria. They got popularity very rapidly and they were referred to as the royal cat breeds.

As you know that they are one of the oldest cat breeds and British Shorthair is one of the first pedigree cat breeds.

Then the 2 world wars took the breed to the edge of extinction. And after World War 2 very few purebred British Shorthair remained.

And then crossed with some other cat breed to prevent his extinction.

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What price to pay for a British Shorthair?

 British Shorthair cost in the US
British Shorthair cost in the US

The answer is not straight, it depends on many factors like where to buy, from which breeder, and the quality of the breed.

Like if you get a British Shorthair from a Reputable breeder then the cost will be around $900 – $1,200 and can be more.

But if you adopt a homeless or you bought a mixed breed who is not registered then the price will be comparatively very low.

And the price of a Purebred registered British Shorthair kitten in the Uk will be around £1200 – £2000.

Some color combinations are rare and even more expensive than the average. And the cost of British Shorthair can rise and shake your budget very easily.

And if you don’t have enough money to spend on then you can consider other ways and can go for a cheaper option.

Ways to Get a Cheaper British Shorthair

If you don’t have enough money to spend on or you needed some cheaper ways to get a British Shorthair like not everyone millionaire or something like that.

you can consider these easy and cheapest ways to work on

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1. Adopt or Re-home a British Shorthair

Adopting a British Shorthair might limit your choices and preferences on age, size, color, and sex. But if this is the price of getting a cheaper cat then this can be acceptable.

And there are low chances of getting a purebred British Shorthair but you probably get a purebred in your local shelter if you are enough lucky.

Expensive kitty
Expensive kitty

Registering with online adoption services

Registering with the online adoption services can give you more options and choices than the local shelter and the only cons is you have to wait a little bit more.

And adoption is the right decision if you don’t have enough money to spend on and if you don’t have the fixed desire of specified cat age and gender.

The cats which you find in the adoption services area little bit older and they were beloved family members before but now they are not with their previous owner anymore.

So it’s your time to do something good to makes you and the kitten happy. All they need is love and affection like us.

In the end, all I want to say is go for adoption, this issue is a great choice and it’s good for your budget also.

2. Buy a British Shorthair Cross

Getting a British Shorthair cross is a good choice for those who don’t have enough money to get a purebred or don’t have a purebred to cross.

Like if you don’t have the pair and you want to do breeding then cross-breeding is the only best option remaining.

Most of the crosses British Shorthair have similar traits like the mild temperament, low-maintenance habits, and charmingly stocky body at very low price.

This is the best compromise unless you want to breed for cat shows.

But not all crossbreed is cheaper, there is some cross that is expensive equal to or more than the purebred.

Then need regular attention and affection, however, some cross of British Shorthair with other pedigree breeds cost more than the purebred British Shorthair.

If I can Get a British Shorthair cross so cheaply, then why would I pay for a purebred British Shorthair

Cross breed

Cross breed

There is the number of reason you should consider before making any decision.

  • First, the health of the kitten. British Shorthair is a long living cat and they can live up to 15 years. But cross can disbalace the health and there are chances of getting negative and bad traits of other cat breed.
  • Second, a cross bred is not allowed in any cat shows, that means you can’t take your Cross bred British Shorthair in any cat show. Only the purebred pedigree cats can go and shine in the cat shows.
  • Third but not the last, you can not make other purebred anymore. You have to settle with the cross breed in the future.
Why do British Shorthair cats hate to bring picked up?

Yes, British Shorthair cats don’t love to be picked up and they despise that. Like when you pick up a British Shorthair, it will get uncomfortable and stiff and they can even start scratching and hissing as well.

Do British Shorthair cats meow a lot?

Yes, British Shorthair meow a lot. But it depends from cat to cat some are very quiet while others meow a lot. But in general British Shorthair is a very vocal and communicative cat.

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Conclusion – Cost of British Shorthair in the US

Now you know almost about the price of British Shorthair in the US and the factors that affect the cost of British Shorthair in the US.

It’s your time to make a decision and it has to be great for you.

If you have any queries related to the post you can comment down below.

And if you want to share any of your thoughts then the comment section is always open for you.