Cats one of the most loved and in-demand animals in the US, People loves them and want them as a pet, So your want to know how much does a Persian Cat cost in the US.

Do you know that the cat is the 2nd most in-demand and popular pet in the US after dogs?

People love these kinds of pets who are adorable, cute, well-mannered, and sophisticated.

According to CFA, there are more than 71 Recognised Cat breeds in the world where Persian was the best and the number 1 cat breed for 31 Years.

Cats have a variety of personalities and behavior, but nothing is better than the royalty and sophistication of the Persian.

No matter who is the Number 1 now but nothing can beat the Persian in terms of personality and behavior.

They are fluffy and friendly. And they have everything that needs to become the best cat breed in the US.

Before showing you the behavior and detail about the Persian let me show you how much does a Persian cat costs in the US.

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How much does a Persian Cat cost in the US?

A Persian cat will cost you between $500 to as high as a whopping $5,000 in the US. The average price of a Persian cat is around $1,300 – $1,500 and $600 – $1,800 for an adult Persian cat.

And that’s the potential of a Persian cat breed. The price of a Persian cat depends on many factors like gender, age, quality of breed, fur color, cat breeder, and location.

Before going for a Persian cat you should know that Persian cat is one of the most popular as well as expensive cat breed and there are no terms such as inexpensive Persian cat breed.

price of Persian cat breed
price of Persian cat breed

Persian Cat price chart in the US

Persian Price
Average PriceQuality Breed
Male Persian$700$1,500
Female Persian $600$1,800
Adult Persian $600$1,200
Persian Kitten$300-$1,200$1,300-$3,000
Persian Cat price chart in the US

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Persian cat prices in major cities in the US

These are the prices of Persian in some major cities in the US. So compare, analyze, and then make your next move.

Persian Cat price in New York in the US?

The best quality purebred Persian cat price in New York will be around $1,500 and can be even more than this depending on the breeder.

Persian Cat price in San Francisco?

The cost of a Persian cat in San Francisco is around $2,300. Depending on the factors like the color of fur, age, quality, and breeder.

How much does a Persian cat cost in the California?

A Persian Cat will cost around $600 – $4,000 in California, and there is a huge market of reputable cat breeders who can provide you what you need.

What is the cost of Persian Cat in the Phoenix?

The cost of a Persian cat in the Phoenix is around $900 – $4,500. Choose wisely and take your time to find the best Persian cat.

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Factors that affect price of Persian Cat

These are the main 7 factors you should consider before buying a Persian cat in the US.

Persian cat breed
Persian cat breed

1. Age of cat

There is a thumb rule the younger the cat the lower the prices of the cat but that formula doesn’t apply to our Persian cat.

Age plays a significant role in the price of the kitten like a purebred Persian kitten will cost you around $1,300 to $3,000 in the US.

And the average lifespan of a Persian cat is around 12 to 14 years which is quite impressive if they are well taken care of with proper nutrition and grooming.

And if you want to witness and experience the early growing age of a Perian you have to pay a premium price as you pay for a premium pass at the OTT platform.

To enjoy a seamless and best experience of your kitten’s early days.

2. Demand and Supply

The second factor to consider before buying a kitten, Demand, and Supply plays an important part in the pricing of a Persian cat.

Since the demand is high, then the prices will automatically rise and it becomes more precious and important to have one.

But if you want to save some money and time then getting an old Persian cat is the better choice, they have fully grown cats so you don’t have to spend much time and at the same time, they are cost-efficient.

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3. Gender of cat

Gender can change the demand and price of animals and in the Cat world the same concept works, like the other animal’s females are more expensive than male’s ones.

And this applies to cats also, a female Persian cat is more expensive than a male Persian cat.

A female Persian cat will cost around $1,800 on average, while the male Persian will cost around $1,500. Yes, a great difference

Because a female cat can give you more cats but not a male one, that’s why breeders ask more for a female than a male.

Even you don’t want them to breed the prices will be the same as usual.

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4. Purity of Breed

Another factor that affects directly the price of a Persian cat is the purity of its bloodline and the quality of the kitten.

Like kings and royals, if the Persian is pureblood then the price is way higher than the average one like the CFA registered cat breed.

If a Persian cat is pureblood and CFA registered then the price is higher than the non-registered Persian.

Since registration required lots of resources, paperwork, and time. So the rise in the Price of the Persian cat is genuine.

And especially the show cats are even more expensive than the average one.

And if the Persian cat is not up to the mark or not pureblood then the price is low and referred to as a halfbreed or mix breed.

5. Coat color and quality

Like any other animal or pet’s color and coat, quality affects the price but not much.

But there is a different scenario the Persian cat coat color and quality affect the price of the cat very much.

Like their fur comes in beautiful different shades, like white, mix color, and many more but nothing can beat the pure white fur.

The blue color eyes and pure white fur Persian cat is some of the most expensive and rare Persians. And if you want them so be prepared to pay more money.

But before you say that this is ridiculed, you need to know the reason why these color and fur combination is expensive.

It’s not the color of the coat that raises the price of a cat. It’s the fur color that changes the cat price and the more the fur color is rare the more money you have to pay to get one.

But this is not compulsory to buy the most expensive one, it’s all up to you and your passion for the coat color and fur.

And if you want to experience more of the Persian color combination then you should consider these colors.

  • Cameo red
  • Blue
  • Black
  • blue-cream smoke
  • Cream
  • Smoke torroiseshell

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6. Location & Place

Most of the first cat owners don’t know or don’t consider the location and place factor while buying a cat.

Yes, location and place affect the price of a cat very much.

Let me explain it to you.

As I told you earlier the demand and supply play a major role in the price of a Persian cat and let’s suppose.

There are 2 cities where in the first city there are lots of cat breeders and cat breeds available and in the other city where there are not many breeders available.

Then the prices of the cat in 2nd city are higher because of low availability and high demand, and you know if something becomes rare then the prices and demand automatically increase.

Likewise, the demand for purebred high-quality Persian cats is way higher in urban cities than the rural cities.

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7. Type of Breeder

Last not least, the breeder of a Persian cat.

Who determines the final and selling price of the Persian cat who deals directly with customers.

If you still don’t get my point so let me explain to you a little bit more about the breeder factor.

Likewise, there are many kinds of cat breeders some are reputable and some are not, some are registered but some are not.

A reputable registered cat breeder will charge you more than the non-registered breeder.

Like a reputable breeder have knowledge and experience on how to raise and breed a healthy and perfect kitten.

And the chances of getting a pure breed and healthy kitten for you increase more.

So basically you are paying for the experience, knowledge, and breeder hard-earned skills.

Persian cat breed Specification and features

price of Persian cat breed
price of Persian cat breed

These are the significant features of the Persian cat breed and you will impress by their temperament.

PersianFeatures and Specifications
Other NamesShiraz, Shirazi, Longhair,
Persian Longhair
OriginIran (Persia)
Popularity4rd Most Popular cat breed
SizeMedium to Large
CoatLonghair, silky, and glossy
Lap CatYes
TemperamentAffectionate, Loyal
Life span14 – 15 Years
WeightMales: 9-13 Pounds
Females: 8-12 Pounds
ColorsBlue, White, Black, Red
Lilac, Cream, Chocolate
Price of PersianAverage $1,500 – $3,000 USD
Persian cat breed Specification and features

Persian Cat breed Characteristics

  • Affection Level: Yes, they have great feeling with their owners.
  • Adaptability : They can adapt easily anywhere like small apartments.
  • Child Friendly : No, they are not that much child friendly.
  • Dog Friendly : No, they are are not that much dogs friendly.
  • Energy Level : Not much
  • Grooming : Regular Grooming needs because they are High maintainence cat breeds.
  • Health Issues : Hypoallerginic: No. They don’t have any common health related issues.
  • Intelligence : They are moderate intelligent cat breeds
  • Shedding : Much shedding, They shed constantly.
  • Stranger Friendly : Not much, they are not that stranger friendly so make a distance.
  • Social Needs : Moderately, They needs social attention.
  • Vocalization : Low Vocalization, they don’t like the moarn all the time. They like to be quite and silent.

Why are Persian cats so Expensive

The Prices of female Persian are higher than the male Persian because they can be used for breeding, even you don’t want them for breeding the prices will be high.

The reason Persian being the expensive cat breed can be because they are top cat breeds and they are high in-demand cat breed.

As I told you earlier about the White fur Persian cat breed. They are the most expensive Persian because of their coat and fur color.

Which is quite attractive, rare, and appealing.

What to look before buying
What to look at before buying

What to look for when buying a Persian cat?

If you want Pureblood and high-quality Persian cats then you should go for any registered and certified reputable breeder.

So be ready to pay a premium price for a premium quality Persian cat.

Also, you should look at the cat’s medical records and their living condition or environment to ensure the health of the kitten.

How do I locate a Breeder

On the Internet where you reading this article right now, you can do research and can compare the prices before making a decision.

  1. Do a quick reseach type persian cat breeder near me.
  2. Ask your social media friends, weather they have or they have idea from where you can get the kitten.
  3. Then compare the prices then choose your preferable location and breeder.
  4. Visit the breeder, make sure to cheak all certificates and documents and then you can make a purchase.

Can I get a Cheaper Persian Cat?

Yes, you can get a cheaper Persian cat but there are some cons and setbacks you need to know before buying a cheaper Persian cat.

Cheaper Persian might have some health issues, maybe they are a crossbreed, or flaws in the fur.

Some flaws you will see at the some and some you will experience when the time passes.

And if you still want to get a cheaper Persian kitten then you should consider the Crossbreed where both of the parents are not pureblood Persian.

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factor that affect the cost
the factor that affects the cost

Tips for buying or adopting

It’s completely on you, whether you want to buy or adopt a Persian cat. Choose any of the options which suit your demand and lifestyle.

Because Adoption and buying have their pros. I told you about the buying guide of Persian cat like how much does a Persian cat cost in the US, type of breeder, and the factors affect the price of the kitten.

Now talk about the adoption process. There are some significant benefits to adopting a Persian cat.

although, you may have to work a little bit more in finding the perfect Persian for you that time and effort will be worth it.

And if you get enough lucky you will find what you wanted.

And adoption is also budget-friendly and you are doing it for a good cause because you are rescuing someone’s life and making it even more beautiful.

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White Persian cat
White Persian cat


How much is a Persian cat in the USA?

The cost of a Persian cat in the USA is around $1,300 – $5,000. It depends on factors like quality of fur, sex, age, location, and breeder.

What is the lowest price of a Persian cat?

The lowest price of Persian cats was around $120. But that was not the pureblood Persian cat.

What food does Persian Cat eat?

A Persian cat eats food such as Ocean fish Entree Ground and Salmon, Chicken, and rice.

Can Persian cats eat Banana?

Yes, a Persian cat can eat bananas, it is a good source of energy for them and provides them nutrients also. And can be a great snack.

Do Persian cats eat rice?

Yes, Persian cats can eat rice.


Now you know how much does the Persian cost in the US is and the overall factors that finalize the price of the kitten.

Now it’s your turn to make a move and make a decision.

And in my opinion, if you have the budget then go for it and get a Persian cat in the family.

If you have any queries related to the price of a Persian cat in the US, you can comment down below we will look out for it as soon as we can.

And if you want to share your experience with the Persian cat, the comment section is always open for you.

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