Persian cat also known as the blue eyes Persian cat is very popular around the world and you want to know Persian cat price in India.

Sure, I will tell know the prices in all major cities in India with a guide on how to take care of a Persian cat in India.

After knowing the cost of Persian Cat in India you should also know a little bit more about the breed and its characteristics.

Keeping a Cat as a pet was very hard in the ’90s but now things are different and evolved. Now keeping a Cat as a pet is very popular, satisfying, and easy.

There are lots of good cat breeders in India and they will guide you on how to take care of a Persian cat breed also.

Now healthcare, breeding, supply, and adaptivity are developed for cats in India.

So what is the cost of a Persian cat in India?

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Persian Cat price in India – 2021

The price of Persian cats in India is around 18,000 to 40,000. Mainly the final prices depend on the type of breeder, quality of breed, sex, and location which I will tell you in detail.

Although if you want to buy a pure and best quality Persian cat in India then go for a reputable cat breeder in India which you can find easily on the Internet.

Persian Cat prices in all major cities in India

CitiesPet QualityShow QualityGrooming, food,
Vet (Monthly)
Banglore₹18,500 ₹35,500₹8,500
Ahmedabad₹20,500 ₹35,500₹9,000
Hyderabad₹18,500 ₹37,000₹9,500
Pune₹20,500 ₹31,500₹9,000
Chennai₹18,500 ₹36,000₹9,500
Lucknow₹20,500 ₹35,500₹8,500
Nagpur₹18,500 ₹42,000₹9,000
Kanpur₹20,500 ₹43,500₹9,500
Indore₹20,500 ₹37,000₹9,000
Ludhiana₹20,500 ₹36,000₹9,500
Thane₹18,500 ₹38,000₹8,500
Srinagar₹20,500 ₹32,500₹9,500
Gaziabad₹18,500 ₹34,000₹9,500
Bhopal₹20,500 ₹36,000₹9,000
Ranchi₹18,500 ₹35,500₹9,500
Meerut₹20,500 ₹38,000₹8,500
Nashik₹18,500 ₹36,000₹9,000
Coimbatore₹20,500 ₹41,500₹8,500
Mysore₹18,500 ₹37,500₹8,500
Noida₹20,500 ₹32,500₹9,000
Gurgaon₹18,500 ₹30,500₹9,500
Chandigarh₹20,500 ₹40,500₹8,500
Persian Cat prices in all major cities in India

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Persian kitten price range
Persian kitten price range

How to read the price of Persian cat in major cities list

This list is not completely correct, the actual prices fluctuate from time to time. But the actual price of a Persian cat will be near the price on the list.

This list is only to help you to get the estimated expenses and budget for having a Persian cat in India and the expenses list will also help you to sort out the monthly expenses.

Persian Cat Specifications and features

Persian CatDetail
Breed NamePersian
Life Span12 – 17 Years
Weight (Male)3 – 4 KG
Height (Male)11 – 15 inches
Height (Female)10 – 14 inches
BehaviourSweet, Friendly, gentle
ColourWhite, black, ash, cream
Persian Cat Specifications and features

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Persian cat personality and behavior
Persian cat personality and behaviour

Persian cat personality and behavior

  • Affection Level: Yes, the Pesian cat loves their owner.
  • Sensitivity level: They are little bit sensitive so keep this in your mind.
  • Dog Friendly : Yes, they are not much in dog friendly concepy. But early training will resolve this issue.
  • Energy Level : Moderate
  • Apartment Friendly: Definately yes, they are one of the most lovely apartment dogs.
  • Grooming : Regular Grooming is needed.
  • Tolerates Heat: They can’t tolerate heat at all.
  • Adaptability : It can be little bit hard for them to adapt easily.
  • Child Friendly : Yes, they don’t usually harm kids.
  • Tolerate cold: They can tolerate little bit of high cold weather.
  • Health Issues : Yes, they are prone to some health conditions which I told you below.
  • Shedding : They shed regularly.
  • Social Needs : Completely, They needs social attention.
  • Vocalization : Moderate Vocalization

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Insurance cost of Persian cat in India

The Insurance of a Persian cat or for any other cat or pet is necessary, and they are plenty of good cat insurance companies available.

Insurance is necessary to claim appropriate damages or injuries expenses if happened.

Like car insurance is good for car safety and your budget safety as same as pet insurance is also important for your cat safety.

Pros of Cat insurance

  • Helps you to save your money on expensive treatments.
  • Protect you financially for expensive treatments.
  • Focus on pet health.
  • As you know that cat’s are prone to health diseases so insurance will work as a lifeline.

The insurance cost of Persian cats is around 4,000 INR to 8,000 INR approx.

In India, these are the most trusted insurance companies which you can go for

  • PetAssure.corp
  • Nationwide
  • Petplan
  • PetAssure.corp
  • PetFirst Healthcare

Vaccination cost of Persian cat in India

Unlike other pets, cats are prone to many diseases and infections so they need proper vaccination and vet visits.

Vaccination is essential to protect your kitten from any disease and infections. And also helps them to fight disease and helps them to maintain a healthy active life.

The vaccination cost of a Persian cat in India is around 2,000 INR to 6,000 INR.

History of Persian cat breed
History of Persian cat breed

History of Persian cat breed

As you can guess from his name Persian cat was came from Persia now known as Iran. These cats came into appearance in the era of Victoria.

And not detailed information is available about the Persian cat breed because they were imported from Iran to Italy and they got noticed.

And they were also known as Iranian cats and Shiraz cats.

After that, they become popular even in Britain also. Then they started performing in popular cat shows and performances.

During their initial existence, they were chubby with round cheeks and snub nose but as they evolved they transformed into beautiful domestic cats.

Now they have long fur, flat faces with luxurious textures which makes them charming domestic cats.

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Persian Cat breed grooming guide in India

A cat needs different types of grooming for different climates and this applies to Persian cats also.

Persian Cat is not an Indian cat breed and being an imported cat breed makes it hard to maintain them in Indian weather compared to western weather.

And if you are purchasing a Persian cat then there is no doubt that you have to invest your time and effort to maintain a beautiful Persian cat.

Because they have long hair and dense fur so they need extra maintenance than other cat breeds in India.

How many times should I groom a Persian cat?

You have to groom a Persian cat twice every week. To ensure the shape and colour of fur keep maintained.

And proper conditioning and bathing will be enough to maintain their fluffy fur healthily, beautiful, and soft.

And you have to make sure to only choose the right grooming product for their Persian cat. Like, don’t use any random conditioner or shampoo for your kitten means don’t use any human or pet shampoo.

Only use specific shampoo and conditioner made for kittens and choose other grooming and bathing products for kittens or you can consult a cat vet to get more information.

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How to maintain a Persian cat in Indi
How to maintain a Persian cat in Indi

How to maintain a Persian cat in India

As you know that cats are a little bit more sensitive than dogs and most Indian have and know about maintaining a dog, not cats.

Cats are indoor pets which means they can’t be taken out for a walk or training. Even if you want to take a chance then I won’t suggest you. After all, it’s not safe because it can be harmful to your cat’s safety.

If you take them out then the chances of eating insects by your cat is high and that will lead to stomach issues. And sticking of unwanted things on their fur will be increased so make sure to bathe them the next day to avoid any unwanted insects on their fur.

Persian cats are lazy cat breeds, they love to sit and stay at the same place for long which leads to inactivity. And increase the chances of health issues in Persian cats.

So make sure to keep them engaged in some physical activities like playing with you or with a cat toy which you can find at every pet store easily.

Common Health issues in Persian cats

Like any other purebred, a Persian cat is also prone to health issues. Like some health issues are related to the face shape and structure and others are genetically transmitted.

These are some common health issues that Persian cat breed are prone to

  • Heat sensitivity – Keep your Persian cat away from direct heat for a long time.
  • Polycystic kidney disease – A genetic disease can affect one or both kidneys, usuall happens when a Persian cat get around 7 to 10 years old.
  • Excessive eye watering – Excessive eye watering can leads to eye issues.
  • Breathing diseases – Breathing and respiratory diseases caused to Persian cat by their snob’s noses.
  • Bladdder stones and infections – Keep them hydrated to avoid this issue.

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Persian cat buying guide in India
Persian cat buying guide in India

Persian cat buying guide in India

Now you have decided to have a Persian cat then you should need to know a few things about petting a Persian cat in India unless you are an experienced breeder.

But most of you are new to cats and breeding, to keep a good relationship with your cat and choose the best quality Persian Cat in India you need to know a few things.

  • Persian cat buying guide.
  • Type of Persian Cat breeder in India.

Types of cat breeders in India

There is a couple of recognized cat breeder which you can find in India and some are best and some are good which you can choose to get your Persian kitten and the Persian cat price in India depending on them.

There are 5 types of cat breeders in India

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1. Reputable breeder

These are the most reliable and trustworthy cats breeder in India. They are experienced and professionals.

Although they are a little bit more expensive than the other cat breeders in India they are the ones who can provide you with a purebred healthy cat breed.

They charge for their experience and their work because they have experience in breeding premium purebred kittens.

2. Hobby Breeder

These are the breeder which you can find in most of the society, they breed cats as their hobby and they also have a little bit experience inbreeding.

If you know any of the hobby breeders in India whom you can trust then go for it. They are budget-friendly and trustworthy.

3. Pet Shops

Some pet shops are good and some are average, so find the best pet shop in your locality. And don’t do window shopping while buying a Persian kitten in India.

first, know about the health of the kitten and meet their parents. Then see the living and breeding condition of the kitten and ask them to show their registration certificate.

4. Kitten mills

This is the worst place to get a Persian kitten or any other kitten. They breed low-quality kitten, their living condition is worst, and they are mainly focused on profit.

And you can find them saying that this is the show quality or winning kitten.

5. Brokers

Last not least, the brokers. These are the middleman between the buyer and the seller. The seller can be anyone they can be a kitten mill or a pet shop.

So only choose and trustworthy and reputable broker. Although they charge a little more if they provide you with a healthy Persian kitten then the amount is legitimate.


Facts about Persian cat breed

Now you know Persian cat prices in India then you should also know about the breed before buying it.

  • This is one of the oldes cat breed originated from Persia now known as Iran.
  • These cats are lazy and loves to spend time indoor.
  • They were first recognized in the world’s first cat show held in 1871 at the Crystal Palace, London.
  • They come in many colours, sizes and qualities.
  • The cat is known as “Persian Longhair” or “Iranian cat” in English countries.
  • The Persian cat considered supreme in the cat society for more than 3 decades.
  • They are sweet, lazy, and kind cat breed.
  • The Persian Cats are best for indoor rather than outdoor.
  • The cats are very familiar and happy with the children and family.
  • According to the CFA (Cat Fanciers Association), the world’s largest registry of pedigreed cats, Persian cats were the fourth most registered breed in the year 2018.
  • Persian is also the one of the most popular cat in India.
  • They are mostly popular in the US.
  • They don’t like traveling much.
  • Training a Persian cat is not easy and time consuming.
  • As Persian cat has big dense fur, so they require regular grooming.
  • Persian cats can live up to 17 years which is very high compared to dogs.

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FAQ’s – Persian kitten price in India

What is the price of a Persian cat in India?

The price of a Persian cat in India is around ₹18,000 to ₹40,000. Depending on the quality, location, sex, and breeder.

How to buy a Persian cat in India?

You can get a Persian cat from any reputable cat breeder in your locality or you can find it on the Internet.

Can Persian cats survive in India?

Yes, but they are not best suited for Indian weather. For that, they need regular grooming and maintenance. They prefer living in a cool and cosy climate and keep them away from humid and hot places.

Which colour Persian cat is best to buy?

White, black, red, blue, cream, silver, shaded silver, and chinchilla silver.

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Conclusion – cost of Persian cat in India

Now you know the price of Persian kitten in India and the factors that affect the cost of a Persian cat.

The type of breeders and their pros and cons, with the breed specifications, qualities, features, temperament, and their prices in every major city in India.

I hope this post helps you to find your answer and if yes then comment down your thoughts about the post.

If you have any queries or you want to share your experience with a Persian kitten then the comment section is open for you.

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