Ragdoll cat price in the US and Ragdoll price in other cities in the US depends on many factors life from where you are buying the ragdoll.

And the quality of the kitten has also been defined as the final price as you know for a premium quality kitten you have to pay a premium price.

And the one question you always ask a ragdoll owner is how much the Ragdoll cost and the expenses on having a Ragdoll.

Some people also say that Ragdoll is an expensive cat breed but trust me it will be worth every single penny. And you will fall in love with them within few days.

With amazing behavior and cuteness, Ragdoll is a soft and lovely partner for you.

And Ragdoll is a large and little bit heavy as compared to an average cat breed. And despite being huge Ragdoll can easily be picked up by anyone.

With a premium quality cat breed, a premium quality price also comes.

And as I told you earlier Ragdoll’s price fully depends on the place, pedigree, state, age, health, and type of breeder.

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Ragdoll Cat Price in the US

Ragdoll cat price range is between $400 – $800 for a pet Ragdoll and $2,000 and above for a show breed Ragdoll in the US.

However, the price of a show-quality Ragdoll will always be high as compared to a pet quality Ragdoll.

And prices will differ from state to state. Because of being so, popular Ragdoll is demandable in every state and every city.

Even in some countries like China, a Ragdoll is not just a cat they see them as a status symbol and adore them.

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Ragdoll Price in Major Cities in the US

Ragdoll Cat Price in the US
Ragdoll Cat Price in the US

These are the prices of Ragdoll in every major city in the US. And these prices are not fixed and they change from time to time but the base price will be near these prices of Ragdoll in the US.

Ragdoll Cat Price in Los Angeles in the US

Ragdoll cat price in Los Angeles is around +$425 to $1200 for a pet quality And $1,200 to $2,500 for a show quality cat. And the price of a breeder quality is also the same as the show quality.

Ragdoll Cat Price in New York City

Ragdoll cat price in New York City is around $500 for pet quality and $1,600 to $2,000 for a show quality Ragdoll.

Yes, I know that the price of a cat is high as compared to other cities but you can also buy a cat from another city.

Ragdoll Cat Price in Chicago in the US

The Ragdoll cat price in Chicago is between $300 to $500 for a pet quality Ragdoll and $2,200 for a show quality Ragdoll.

A Ragdoll Cat Price in Houston

The Price of Ragdoll in Houston is around $400 for a pet quality cat and around $1,500 for a show and breeding quality Ragdoll.

Ragdoll Cat Price in San Diego in the US

The Price of Ragdoll in San Diego is around $400 to $700 for a pet quality cat and around $2,000 for a show Quality cat.

Ragdoll Cat Price in San Antonio

Ragdoll’s price in San Antonia is around $350 for a pet quality kitty and around $1,500 for a show quality Ragdoll in San Antonia.

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Ragdoll Features and Specifications

Ragdoll Features Specifications
Height9-11 inches
Weight Female8 to 15 pounds
Weight Male12 to 20 pounds
Lifespan13-18 years
Temperamentsociable affectionate bold
white black / ebony red / orange blue
gray lavender / silver cream / beige
tan chocolate / brown / sable lilac
Puppy Price$800 to $2,000
PopularityVery Much
Maintenance LevelModerate
Common Health IssuesObesity, Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy,
Urinary tract issues,
such as bladder stones.
Hairballs, due to a long coat.
Behavioral Issuelie in Highly Undignified Poses
Ragdoll Features and Specifications

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Ragdoll buying Guide


Generally, Ragdoll is an expensive cat breed as compared to other cat breeds in the US but at the same time, Ragdoll is one of the most popular cat breeds in the US.

Although, they are carefully selected and bred by none other than professionals and licensed breeders who have experience in Ragdoll Breeding.

So make sure only buy a Ragdoll from a Reputable and experienced breeder and that’s why most of the time they are not available in the market.

And the price will increase even more than before.

Let’s help you to differentiate between the show quality and pet quality Ragdoll.

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Show Quality And Pet Quality Ragdoll

Ragdoll Cat Price in the US
Ragdoll Cat Price in the US

Apparently, the most significant difference between the show quality and the pet quality is apparent.

And that’s the most important factor that influences the price of Ragdoll.

And for show quality Ragdoll there are particular patterns and colors recommended by the CFA (Cat Fanciers Association).

Because the CFA can easily disqualify a cat on its physical traits and appearance.

Like if you are buying a Ragdoll for Cat Shows only then you should know about these things

  • A bicolor Ragdoll cat is disqualified if it lacks the color white in inverted ‘V’ Pattern or have a wider dark area on either side of the legs.
  • And if the Ragdoll don’t have the blue eyes then they also get disqualify.
  • A Ragdoll who have mitted pattern who lacks the white chin will also get disqualified.

And because these high demands make the show quality Ragdoll even more expensive.

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Types of Cat Breeders

Now comes to another but important factor that influences the price of Ragdoll is the type of breeder from where you are buying a kitten.

Like I said earlier A reputable breeder will always charge high than the average breeder and the price of Show quality Ragdoll can go up to $2,500.

Because these show quality Ragdoll have all qualities to qualify and win in the Cat Show. They have all the perfect marking that the CFA needs for the show.

And a reputable breeder also takes care of neutered or spayed and vaccination of cats.

So my last words on Breeder is if you want a Ragdoll for breeding or cat Shows then always prefer a reputable breeder and cat purebred Certificate.

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Breeding cost also Affect the price of Ragdoll

Ragdoll Cat Price in the US
Ragdoll Cat Price in the US

The breeder who fixed the price of the cat considers several factors before setting up the cost of a Ragdoll cat.


  • Costs of parading the cats at cat shows
  • The titles earned by the breeding cats at the cat shows
  • Breeding overhead costs
  • The kittens vaccination and health maintenance costs
  • Travel Expenses

Different Ragdoll Patterns and their Price in the US

types of Ragdoll patterns
Ragdoll PatternCost in the US
Mitted Pattern Ragdoll$1,050+
Bicolor Pattern Ragdoll$1,400+
Lynx Pattern Ragdoll$1,300+
Tortie Pattern Ragdoll$1,500+
Solid Point Ragdoll $1,200+
Combinations Ragdoll $9,00+
Ragdoll price for different Patterns

Types of Ragdoll patterns

1. Mitted

mitted pattern ragdoll
mitted pattern ragdoll

You can identify a mitted Ragdoll by seeing their paws. A Mitted Pattern Ragdoll has white mittens on its front paws.

And most of the people think that all the Ragdolls look the same but that’s not true.

Mitted Ragdolls sport white stockings on their back feet, a white stripe on the belly, and the chin also.

But sometimes a mitted Ragdoll has a face with a blaze or a white strip like a perfect hourglass blaze.

2. Bicolor

bicolor pattern ragdoll
bicolor pattern ragdoll

A bicolor Ragdoll looks quite similar to the mitted ragdoll and anyone can be easily mistaken but you can differentiate them by looking at their feet.

The bicolor Ragdoll has their feet completely white rather than the mitted one whose feet has mitted or stocking.

While the bicolor Ragdoll has lots of fluffy white fur on the chest, while the body and back have more color.

3. Solid Point

solid point ragdoll
solid point ragdoll

Now come to the 3rd type of ragdoll pattern which is a solid point. They have a fluffy physique and they are elegantly marked and makes them look like Siamese Cats.

The Solid point Ragdoll has colored ears, feet, and tail. And the rest of the body is cream, white, or ivory in color.

And they are quite popular and in-demand cats.

4. Lynx

lynx pattern Ragdoll
lynx pattern Ragdoll

The Lynx ragdoll cat is like the solid point in terms of appearance except the points have tabby cat markings.

These tabby stripes appear like the letter “W” on the kitty’s forehead making it appear like a serious cat. And the cat’s tail and legs also have stripes.

5. Tortie

tortie pattern ragdoll
tortie pattern ragdoll

The tortie ragdoll doesn’t have patterns on his body and doesn’t have stripes also. They also look quite similar to the calico cat breed. But they don’t have any marking at all.

The most common colors of tortie ragdoll are black and red but sometimes you can also get

  • Creamy red
  • Orange
  • Blue
  • Chocolate

6. Combinations

combination ragdoll
combination ragdoll

Now we have the last one ragdoll is the combination Ragdoll. As you can guess from the name how will the Combination ragdoll look?

Usually, the Ragdolls are grouped based on their coat patterns.

And sometimes, this can be quite confusing because of the combinations.

You can get anything like the bicolor Lynx Ragdoll or the Mitted Lynx ragdoll.

And it will confuse you to identify the type of Ragdoll.

Ragdoll Cat Price and Daily Expenses

As you know that Ragdoll is one of the most expensive cat breeds in the US then the price is one of the biggest factors to consider before getting a Ragdoll.

And buying a Ragdoll is not the only expense you have to make.

There will be other expenses after getting a kitty and you should consider them equally.

Because financial planning is necessary not to get shocked and to make the breeding process easy and systematic.

You need to be aware of the total cost of owning a Ragdoll.

  • Food
  • Grooming
  • Vet Services
  • Pet Insurance
  • Toys, Beds and extra

Let me explain you this

1. Food

Ragdolls don’t lay in the small cats’ category they are big cats. So they are big and heavier in weight, which means they need more food compared to average cats.

They don’t eat whatever you gave them, they need quality food so the range of Ragdoll monthly food expenses will be $50 – $75 per month.

2. Grooming

Grooming is essential to keep your Ragdoll beautiful and healthy. That involves brushing the cat’s hair, teeth, and clipping the nails. Which you can do yourself easily.

However, if you don’t want to do it or you don’t have time to do this then you have another option a VET.

If budget is not an issue for you then getting your Ragdoll to VET for grooming is the best option.

On average Grooming, a Ragdoll is likely to cost you between $50 – $80 after every two months.

Grooming Tips for a Ragdoll Cat

3. Vet Services

Another and necessary factor of Ragdoll’s expenses is Vet.

It is necessary to give your cat regular vet check-ups.

Health check-ups will cost you around $100-$200 depending on the vet to vet.

And do not forget the other annual cat tests like the FeLV or FIV.

They have to do it once a year and it will cost around $100 per visit and you should also keep this on your expenses list.

4. Pet Insurance

Insuring a Ragdoll is not necessary but “Prequations is better than cure”.

The cost of pet insurance depends on the locality, and it can cost you between $25-$50 per month.

And investing in Pet insurance is a wise choice to do.

5. Toys, Beds, and other Extras Expenses

The expenses of Toys, beds and other goodies cost depends on your choice and your living standard and it can cost you a lot.

However, Toys, beds, and other goodies will cost you between $20 to $50 per month. and these are the regular expense you have to make for the coming +15 years or more.

FAQ’s – Price of Ragdoll in the US

How much should a Ragdoll cat cost in the US?

Ragdoll cat price range is between $800 for a pet Ragdoll and $2,000 for a show breed Ragdoll in the US.

Why is Ragdoll cat so Expensive in the US?

Ragdoll cats are so expensive because their maintenance is too high means they are carefully bred to achieve their higher possible desirable characteristics.
Ragdoll is not like the other common cat breeds like the Persians and Maine Coons in the US and that makes them even more special and demandable.

How much did you pay for your Ragdoll in the US?

Ragdoll is not one of the cheapest cat breeds. They are one of the most expensive cat breeds in the US. And the price of a pet quality Ragdoll is around $400 and around $1,500 for a show quality Ragdoll.

Is a Ragdoll cat high maintenance?

No, Ragdoll is not a high-maintenance cat breed at all. And they are best for single people as well as families they can adjust easily in any scenario. Although their coat needs regular and moderate grooming.

How long does a Ragdoll cat live?

A Ragdoll cat can live up to 18 years and its average life span is around 12 -18 years.

How do I know if my Ragdoll is purebred?

If the cat has the official papers from an Authorized cat Association like the TICA or CFA. Stating that this Ragdoll is a purebred pedigree Cat. And if you take the Ragdoll DNA test, it also confirms that this Ragdoll is purebred or not.

Is the price of a Ragdoll cat worth it?

We all know that the initial cost of having a Ragdoll is quite high but if you know a little bit about ragdoll then you know they are worth your every penny and you can verify this with ragdoll owners. They are the best and most adorable cat breed in the US.


In the end, all I want to say is that this is the wise and the best choice to have a Ragdoll in your life. And it doesn’t matter which type of Ragdoll you will choose.

All of them are best for you. And don’t focus only on price, consider the health and quality of Ragdoll while buying.

And another piece of advice an expensive kitten doesn’t guarantee the best quality kitten.

It is your responsibility to look out for all aspects and check all health history. And consider asking and get advice and guidance from an experienced vet.

On grooming, buying, caring, feeding, vaccination, and other necessary tasks.

I hope this post helps you to find out the cost of Ragdoll in the US and other aspects of having a Ragdoll.

If you have any queries related to the post you can comment down below we will answer as soon as we can.


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