The Snowshoe cat breed is a recent domestic cat breed who gaining popularity in recent times in the US. Introduced during the 1960s by the breeder of Siamese cats. So here is your main question Snowshoe cat price in the US?

First, let me tell you more about the Snowshoe cat breed.

The body of the Snowshoe cat is a foreign type or moderate oriental after the appearance of the Siamese who are often now called an apple head or Victorian.

If we talk about the body of Snowshoe its body should be longer than his tail but not much. His body is aesthetic and masculine. The male’s Snowshoe is bigger than the female ones.

The ears of Snowshoe have slightly round tips and ranges from medium to medium-large size. Their head may be in an “Apple head” shape or a triangular shape.

The short-haired coat consists of solid and white patterns. Like his ears, tail, legs, and face mask are solid black-based colors. And the white patterns vary, falling along the chest, stomach, and paws and sometimes from the face also.

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Snowshoe Siamese cat price in the US

The Snowshoe Siamese cat price is around $600 – $1,200 in the US. The Snowshoe is a new and rare cat breed as compared to other popular cats in the US.

These Snowshoe Siamese cats are only available with limited registration, although they are not that expensive still a Snowshoe kitten can cost around $500 – $800. And from $800 – $1,200 from a reputable breeder.

Snowshoe cat price range in the US

Snowshoe cat
price Chart
Average PriceQuality Breed
Male Snowshoe $500$800
Female Snowshoe $600$900
Adult Snowshoe $400$1,200
Snowshoe Kitten$500 – $800$800 – $1.200
Snowshoe cat price Chart in the US

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price of Snowshoe kitten in the US
price of Snowshoe kitten in the US

Snowshoe kitten cost in the US with full registration

The prices are different from Snowshoe with the limited registration, and full registration can lead up to much higher prices. Their price depends on the location, type of breeder, their lineage, and their pedigree.

The cost of Snowshoe is around $500 – $800 from a normal non-reputable breeder in the US. They are not that known and experienced.

And the cost of a Snowshoe kitten from a reputable breeder is around $800 – $1,200. They provide the best quality purebred Snowshoe kitten. And they mainly focused on breeding the cat shows cats.

How much does a Snowshoe cat cost with limited Registration

Compared to other breeds, Snowshoe cats are available for sale with limited Registration [pet-only] so they are not expensive and their price ranging from $400 – $600.

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Breed Information

SnowshoeFeatures and Specifications
Other NamesNone
OriginUnited States
CoatPlush, short, sleek, soft
Lap CatYes
TemperamentAffectionate, Loyal
Social, intelligent
Life span14 – 19 Years
WeightMales: 9-12 Pounds
Females: 7-10 Pounds
ColorsWhite, black, cream,
Price of PersianAverage $600 – $1,200 USD
Snowshoe breed information

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Snowshoe kitten montly cost
Snowshoe kitten monthly cost

Snowshoe Cat breed Characteristics

  • Affection Level: Yes, They are very connected with their owner.
  • Adaptability : They can adapt easily anywhere like small apartments.
  • Child Friendly : Yes, they are very good with childeren.
  • Dog Friendly : No, they are dogs friendly. And its not have a issue of having a dog and cat in the house.
  • Energy Level : High, these cats are full of energy and excietment.
  • Grooming : Regular Grooming needs, they need moderate grooming like once a week which help to keep his coat healthy and in good shape. It stimulated teh curculation, removes debris, loose hair, and massage the skin.
  • Health Issues : Hypoallerginic: No. They don’t have any common health related issues. So don’t worry about the long term medical costs.
  • Intelligence : They are highly intelligent cat breeds
  • Shedding : Moderate shedding, Yes, they shed but regular grooming and proper nutrition can makes the sheeding minimal to a small area like in his bed.
  • Stranger Friendly : Yes, they are very kind with strangers also.
  • Social Needs : Moderately, They needs social attention.
  • Vocalization : Frequent Vocalization, they like the moarn all the time. Usually owners concerned about their excessive crying and meowing in the night.

Snowshoe kittens for sale from reputable breeders

These are the reputable breeders from where you can get the best and purebred cat breeds at a genuine price.

1. Snowy Points Cattery in the US

Snowy Points Cattery is a small cat farm located in New Hampshire in the northeastern United States. They are reputable and trusted breeders. They have spent years researching and breeding Siamese, Balinese, and Snowshoe cats.

Find more information and contact them at snowypointscattery.

2. Northpole Cattery

The Northpole Cattery specializes in breeds like Siamese and now in the Snowshoe. While most of the Snowshoe retain their traditional and old beauty and they are still learning on adapting the modern life and culture.

If you are looking for a reputable and trusted breeder who can give you the purebred and healthy Snowshoe then they are here for you.

Contact them to know more at the northpolecattery.

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color patten of kitten
color pattern of kitten

Price difference between a kitten Snowshoe and an adult

The Snowshoe kitten is more expensive than the adult one. Generally, they cost more than the adult Snowshoe and mostly the reason is that people want a Snowshoe kitten more than the adult.

And they think that the kitten tends to be easier to train and can adapt to the environment easily than the adult one. And they want to spend time with the growing Snowshoe.

But if you have a budget issue or you don’t have time to raise a kitten then buying the adult Snowshoe is a better choice. Because you don’t have to spend much time on training the cat and they are budget-friendly also.

Does the marking affect the cost of Snowshoe kitten

Yes, they do but in some cases. Even knowing that you can get the desirable marking and color pattern but still, people want the close appearance marking as they wanted and they are ready to pay more.

That increases the demand for the desired one and leads to the price difference according to the marking.

Because most of the people who want the desired one mostly want them for the cat shows because they are highly qualified for shows.

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3 Things to check before buying a Snowshoe in the US

Before you get yourself a beautiful Snowshoe, there are few important things you need to know and check to make sure whether this cat breed is suitable for you or not.

Because choosing the right breed is the first and very important step for cats and your life. And you should know that a cat lives more than 10 years generally so you have to spend lots of time with a cat.

Because some people ignore this step maybe the reason is they are irresponsible, stupid, or they don’t know much about it. So make sure to get the right one.

thing need to know before buying a Snowshoe kitten
thing need to know before buying a Snowshoe kitten

1. Temperament

Now you know how much the Snowshoe cat cost in the US, you have to know more about the temperament of the Snowshoe cat breed.

Snowshoe is a kind and gentle cat breed and they have playful nature. They are intelligent and grab new tricks and things very fast.

And sometimes a Snowshoe can be vocal to communicate with you and to express herself and it can be very entertaining.

They are social cat breeds so leaving them alone for so long can’t be a good choice. Like most people ask the same question how much does a Snowshoe cat cost when they see a Snowshow.

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2. Health

So there are some diseases which a cat has genetically like every breed is prone to some kind of genetic disease. But not all cats of this breed will have any kind of health issue.

It can happen to some cats of the particular breed because of bad breeding or without proper hygiene and care.

There is a common health issue that Snowshoe is prone to but if you treat them wisely with hygiene you can avoid any health issue completely.

These are the common health issue Snowshoe is prone to and you much have a look into them.

  • Obesity: A Snowshoe can become obese if you don’t care about what to feed them and what not to. They will get excess weight and will have trigger more health related issues like diabetes. arthritis, and other serious issues.
  • Bacterial and viral infections: A Snowshoe can be prone to rhinotracheitis, rabies, and calicivirus. They can be avoided through viccination.
  • Parasites: Cats who was bred in the unhygenic enviroment can be prone to parasitic worms. They may invade outside or inside of the cat body. And rarely can lead to the heartworm infection, Which cure is not available till now.
  • Dental Diseases: This is the common health issue with cats, especially with adults. Regular dental checkup will avoid this issue.

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3. Physical appearance of Snowshoe

These are the following traits of the Snowshoe kitten. They change and evolve as they grow old.

  • Head: Usuall in triangle shape. In some cases, Snowshoe head can be in apple head shape.
  • Eyes: Most of the time Showshoe have blue color eyes and this is the traits to identify a pure Snowshoe but can be in pale of deep blue also.
  • Color points: Face-mask. ears, tail, and sometimes legs are solid black based.
  • Ear size: The size of ear range from medium to medium large with round tips.
  • Body: Hips, sholders, and the back have a point adn even light body coloring.
  • White markings: Apperars along the face, chest, paws, and stomach.
  • Tail: The tail of Snowshoe is medium sized.
  • Color: The color of Snowshoe may come in blue, lilac, fawn, chocolate, lynx, or seal point.
  • Paw pads: Colors of paw pads can be point color, motted, white, and flesh-toned.

How much is a snowshoe cat cost over the years

appereance of the cat
the appearance of the cat

If we counted every month you have to at least spend $85 for your cat. And manually, they can rise to a thousand dollars, Because few expenses are not monthly they have to make once or twice a year.

Like buying a bed or buying a house for the kitten. And if we counted their lifetime expenses it can be around $5,000 to $20,000 depending on how you raised them, their age, gender, and vet fees.

ItemCost for a Snowshoe KittenCost for an Adult Snowshoe
Adoption Fee/Breeder’s Fee$200-$1200$120-$1200
Grooming Tools$15$15
Initial rounds of Shots$170$170
Cat Food$500$400
Emergency Vet Fund$90$90
Litter Box Supplies$225$300
Pet Insurance$15$15
Treats Including Dental Tools$10$40
Spay or Neuter$200$200
Regular Vet Visits$120$120
How much is a snowshoe cat cost over the years

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Overview of Snowshoe breed

The Snowshoe is the crossbreed of the popular cat breeds named Siamese and the American Shorthair. They become popular because of their unique coat color and pattern.

Although Snowshoes are not expensive cat breeds still they are not much available.

The body of Snowshoe is an even coloration, subtle shading to point color on shoulders, back, and hips, toning to a lighter shade near stomach and chest.

And the paw pads may be in point color, flesh tone, white, or mottled. Their color will darken as they grow old. You can identify are purebreds from his eyes because they never change color and they always remain in blue.

And their tail will be medium in size. Snowshoe cats come in lilac, lynx, fawn, seal, chocolate, and blue points.

Snowshoe behavior with children and other pets

Usually, Snowshoe is a gentle and kind cat breed, they are affectionate, and mellow with others. They also enjoy spending time with humans and being given attention. And they are compatible with small kids also.

Snowshoe is a social cat breed and they don’t like to be left alone for a long time so keep being with them. And they are great affection and devotion towards his owner.

They used to connect with their owner by talking to them, and that’s why they meow a lot but not as loud as the Siamese.

Snowshoes are intelligent cat breeds, they learn things and tricks very quickly like how to open a door or how to fetch. And they also love running on water. They are active cat breeds and they are very fond of reaching the high places in the house.

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Now finally you know the cost of Snowshoe cat in the US and the factor affect the price of Snowshoe kitten in the US.

And things you need to know before buying a Snowshoe cat breed like monthly expenses of a cat and needs.

If you have any queries related to the Snowshoe price in the US you can comment down below and if you want to share your thoughts and experience with the Cat, the comment section is open for you.

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