There are many different colors of cat breeds available in the US but white cat breeds in the US are always the appealing color cats and most attractive ones.

And that’s why people are eager to find out the white cat breeds to have. From Sphynx to British Shorthair. And most of the cat parents claim that their cat is a rare breed.

But surely this is a condition where the white color appears because of the lack of melanin pigmentation, the gene that gives here eyes and coat color.

Almost 5% of the total cats are called and define as the truly white cat breed but for cat lovers, a beautiful white patch or white pattern makes their kitten a white cat breed.

If you want a fluffy white cat in the US or a white long-haired cat then this list might help you to choose which cat you are fond of.

Learn about their white cats to know more to help you get your first fluffy white cat in the US.

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16 White cat breeds in the US

These are the top 16 fluffy, long-haired, and hairless cat breeds to choose from. Find your perfect white kitten for you.

1. American Shorthair

white American Shorthair
white American Shorthair

Best known for his beautiful fur and personality and one of the most popular white cat breeds in the US American Shorthair securing his first position on the list.

A medium energy lovely cat breed with the great skill of adapting in apartments and small houses. An expensive white cat which you should check out.

Height8 to 10 inches
Weight10 to 15 pounds
Lifespan 15 – 20 Years
Physical CharacteristicsShort dense coat
Athletic built
American Shorthair detail

The cost of white American Shorthair in the US is around $500 to $800 and can go up to $1,000 to $1,500.

2. American Curl

american curl
American curl

A well-known energetic and playful cat breed is called American Curl. They love being part of the family and loves to play with children.

One of the best lap cats and they don’t need an invitation to sit on your lap. And if you want a small white cat breed then American Curl can be a good choice.

Height9 to 12 inches
Weight5 to 10 pounds
Lifespan 12 to 16 years
Physical CharacteristicsEar curl backward
medium-sized bones
American Curl detail

The price of white American Curl in the US is between $1,200 to $3,000.

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3. Japanese Bobtail

white japanese bobtail
white Japanese bobtail

A short white cat breeds Japanese Bobtail one of the most athletic cat breed with great and impressive personality.

Japanese Bobtail is an active cat breed that is quite popular in middle America and they are very talkative so you won’t feel alone with them.

Height8 to 9 inches
Weight6 to 10 pounds
Lifespan 9 to 15 years
Physical CharacteristicsLong, lean torsos, and
strong muscular bodies
White Japanese Bobtail detail

The cost of Japanese bobtails in the US is around $600 to $1,600.

4. Devon Rex

white devon rex
white devon rex

Devon Rex a quite different kind of cat breed with a very different appearance and favorite cat breed of the cat lovers.

Their popularity is huge and you can’t keep yourself away from loving them. They go wherever you go in the room or the hall.

They will follow you and be with you wherever you go and whatever you do.

Height10 to 12 inches
Weight8 – 10 Pounds
Lifespan 9 to 15 years
Physical CharacteristicsLarge ears, slender neck
prominent eyes
Devon Rex detail

The price of Devon Rex is around $600 to $1,000 in the US.

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5. Cornish Rex

white cornish rex
white cornish rex

Another Rex is a highly social white cat breed who came from a genetic mutation that originated from the litter of kittens born in the 50s.

Cornish Rex is an affectionate, social, and lovely cat breed with an extraordinary appearance and an egg-shaped head.

They are very active and entertaining and they will keep your whole family entertained.

Height8 to 12 inches
Weight8 – 10 Pounds
Lifespan 11 to 15 years
Physical Characteristicssmall, narrow head
with large ears and eyes
Cornish Rex detail

The price of Cornish Rex in the US is around $800 – $1,200.

6. British Shorthair

white british shorthair
white British shorthair

White British Shorthair is one of the most popular cat breeds in the US. They can steal your heart with the way they look, the way they act, and the way they behave.

British Shorthair is very emotional and affectionate. They get attached to all family members and don’t leave them left out.

Height12-14 inches
Weight7-17 pounds
Lifespan 15-20 years
Physical CharacteristicsLong coat
Dense body
British Shorthair detail

The average price of British Shorthair in the US is $1200 – $2300.

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7. Turkish Van

white turkish van
white Turkish van

A highly active, energetic, and entertaining cat breed Turkish Van will be your family entertainment partner. They are social cats who bond with family very quickly.

Turkish Van is white on the head and tail. They love jumping, running, and even swimming.

They are very athletic and they also have great balancing skills even in the highest positions.

Height9 – 11 inches
Weight7 – 20 pounds
Lifespan 12 – 17 years
Physical CharacteristicsAgile, muscular, long
body; semi-long coat
Turkish Van detail

The average price of a Turkish Van in the US is around $800 – $1,500.

8. Maine Coon

white maine coon
white Maine coon

Maine Coon is popular for its long, thick, and beautiful coat. They come in many different and beautiful color patterns and white Maine Coon is one of them.

They are great family pets and they love to spend time with children. Maine Coon is social and they are always ready for any small walk or long trip.

These cats are friendly and have a habit of laying back.

Height 10 to 16 inches
Weight10 – 25 pounds
Lifespan 10 – 13 Years
Physical CharacteristicsMuscular build,
thick and heavy coat
Maine Coon detail

The cost of Maine Coon in the US is between $400 to $2,000.

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9. Turkish Angora

white turkish angora
white Turkish angora

Another white Turkish cat breed named Turkish Angora lives in their world. An old cat breed is also known as the natural cat breed of Turkey.

Turkish Angora usually comes in white color but they also come in black, red, and blue color patterns.

They are energetic, active, and playful cat breeds. Also popular as the great swimmers.

Height8 – 10 inches
Weight7 – 14 pounds
Lifespan 12 – 18 years
Physical CharacteristicsMuscular body with long legs
thick coat; almond-shaped eyes
Turkish Angora detail

The average cost of Turkish Angora in the US is around $900 to $1,500.

10. Norwegian Forest Cat

white Norwegian forest cat
white Norwegian forest cat

Green-colored eyes cat breed Norwegian Forest cat, A cold weather fluffy white cat in the US. Got his name because of their eyes color.

A focused cat breed who look at thing very closely maybe because having the traits of last Norwegian forest cat who used to live up in the forest.

Height9 to 12 inches
Weight12 to 16 pounds
Lifespan 14 to 16 years
Physical CharacteristicsFriendly and
easy to train
Norwegian Forest Cat detail

The price of Norwegian Forest Cat in the US is between $800 to $1,500.

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11. Sphynx

white sphynx
white sphynx

A different yet beautiful cat breed is also popular as the no-haired cat breed Sphynx a charming white cat breed.

Practically, they have hair but are very smart which is so hard to see from distance.

They are great at climbing or reaching the highest place in the house easily and have monkey-like acrobatics.

They are a social cat breed and they need regular attention and affection to live a happy life.

Height8-10 inches
Weight6-14 pounds
Lifespan 9-15 years
Physical CharacteristicsMedium to large
Muscular cat
Sphynx detail

The price of Sphynx cats in the US is around $1,500 to $4,500.

12. Oriental

white oriental cat
white oriental cat

Known for their long ears, the Oriental cat breed is also one of the popular white cat breeds in the US. Having large ears makes them great at hearing even the quietest noises.

Their curiosity about finding and objectifying things makes them roam around the house all the time.

Oriental is lovely and tends to be affectionate to a single person.

Height8 – 10 Inches
Weight6 – 12 pounds
Lifespan 12 – 15 years
Physical Characteristics Sleek body; angular head
large ears; almond-shaped eyes
Oriental detail

Oriental cat price in the US is around $600 to $1,000.

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13. Siberian

siberian cat
Siberian cat

Strong and fearless, Siberian is one of the popular cat breeds in the US who loved and adore by millions.

They have thick white fur which helps them to survive even the coldest Russian winters. Their big body is covered in a thick undercoat of three layers of dense fur.

They are low-maintenance, simple, affectionate, and fearless cat breeds.

Height9 – 11 inches
Weight10 – 20 pounds
Lifespan 8–10 years
Physical CharacteristicsDense coat
Stocky built
Siberian cat detail

Siberian cat price in the US is around $1,200 – $2,500.

14. Persian

persian cat
Persian cat

A cat who is originated from Persia become quite an in-demand cat breed all around the world. From India to Japan, from Russia to US Persian is loved by people.

Having a beautiful white fluffy long coat makes them a little bit high-maintenance. And after earning their trust and love you need to be committed to your Persian cat breed. They are sweet and easygoing lap cat who loves to keep themselves quiet.

Height8 – 10 inches
Weight7 – 12 pounds
Lifespan 10 – 17 years
Physical CharacteristicsLong coat; short, stocky legs
large, round eyes
Persian detail

Persian cat price in the US is around $1,300 to $5,000.

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15. Scottish Fold

Scottish Fold
Scottish Fold

Another expensive white cat breed, Scottish Fold is a round-faced beautiful cat breed that tends to devote to one person.

They want nothing more than being with you and if you are having your first cat then Scottish Fold can be a great choice.

Height8 to 10 inches
Weight9 to 13 pounds
Lifespan 11 to 14 years
Physical CharacteristicsLong-haired
fluffy cat
Scottish fold detail

The cost of Scottish Fold in the US is between $250 – $500.

16. Ragdoll


Last but not least white fur cat breed, Ragdoll is a classic expressive cat breed known for its beautiful fur and color patterns.

They are a kind, gentle, and low-maintenance cat breed and all they need is your attention and time.

Height9-11 inches
Weight8 – 15 pounds
Lifespan 13-18 years
Physical CharacteristicsBlue eyes
Semi-long fur
Ragdoll detail

Ragdoll’s price in the US is around $800 to $2,000.

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White cat breeds facts

  • 5% of the total cat population is pure whites.
  • 15% – 40% of the 5% pure white cats have one of both eyes color blue.
  • 60% – 80% of fully white cats with single or both blue eyes are likely deaf.
  • 60% – 80% of the total 5% pure whites have green or orange eye color and atleast 20% of them are deaf.

Which types of white cats are there in US?

White cat breeds also have a variety of white cats to choose from. They all are different by origin, and some of them are white due to no melanin pigmentation and some are white due to being born white.

So now you are thinking of what is Melanin?

Let me tell you, Melanin is a gene process that produces color on the cat and without the Melanin gene a cat will be in white and its eyes will be colorless.

White kittens are produced by given three gene mutations.

1. Epistatic gene

Epistatic gene is also known as the Dominant White which is most closely related to deafness and produced white cats with orange, blue, or odd color eyes.

These cats also have hearing loss on the same side that she has her eye color blue.

2. Albino gene

These are the cats who were born with no melanin pigmentation. They are also known as Albino White.

These types of cat breeds are extremely rare and most white cats are not classified as albino.

They are not connected to deafness and a real Albino white cat has pale red or pinkish eyes and skin coloring.

3. Piebald gene

The Piebald gene happened when a cat carried a dominant spotting gene in herself which covers their whole coat with white.

And the Piebald gene is also called complete white spotting.

These white kittens also grow as the spotted black and white cat and white spotting are not linked to being deaf.

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How to care for a white cat breed

Every cat is different with its pros and flaws, and just like humans they also need care and are also prone to health diseases.

Like you can keep a white cat breed healthy with knowing proper knowledge about the health issues of this particular cat to avoid future health issues.

These are the few common diseases that white fur cat breeds are prone to

Cancer in white cat breeds

If you want to keep your white cat healthy as long as you can you should keep them away from sunlight or restriction their time in the sun.

Because of not having production of melanin, white cat breeds are very sensitive to sunlight and these are 2 reasons why you should keep your cat away from sunlight.

CancerCats who are snow-coated, have fair noses, ears, and eyelid skin are highly prone to skin cancer. At the initial stage, their skin will turn red, dry, and will have red ulcerated spots on the affected area of the skin.

And that could be dangerous for your kitten’s health and you should visit your vet as soon as you can if you have seen any signs on your cat.

SunburnLike humans who have fair and white skin, they are prone to sunburn more than a tan person. It applies to cats also. The white fur cat breeds are more prone to sunburn and it’s important to use cat sunscreen if you take them outside.

And you should also visit your cat vet to find the right treatment and product for your white feminine.

Blindness in white cat breeds

There is no proof that every white with blue eyes is blind and they are prone to deafness but there is no proof of blindness in every white cat.

Most of the kittens who are born with blue-colored eyes have changed their eye color as they grow old. And full white fur kittens will have amber or blue color eyes or possibly one of each.

And you can also find green and yellow eyes in non-pedigree white kittens and if you find any white cat breeds having blindness, the reason could be as same as the majority of cat breeds get blind. This could be because of illness or injury.

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Deafness in white cat breeds

Scientists proved that blue eyes cat breed also known as the colorless eyes cat breed is prone to hearing loss.

Because those cats who are born with white gene mutation are prone to the lack of melanin pigmentation cells which makes their eyes and skin color white or colorless.

These cells in white cats are also responsible for the development of the inner ear of cats which is essential for hearing and with the absence of these melanin cells they might get colorless eyes and skin and also may to deaf.

And there is no proof that every white cat breed will become deaf, but the chances of getting deaf are higher in white cats and according to studies it shows that

  • 65% to 85% deafness happen to a cat whose both eyes are blue.
  • 17% to 22% odds of auditory impairment if a cat is a pure white with non-blue eyes.
  • 40% chance of hearing loss if a cat has onlysingle blue eye.

White cats need to inherit a particular gene complex to be diagnosed deaf and they can be deaf from one or both ears.

And researchers have said that which side of the cat’s eyes color blue will be the same side where the cat will be deaf.

And a regular veterinarian checkup can help to avoid any hearing loss issue.

What breed is a fluffy white cat in US.

These are the fluffy white cat breeds in the US

  • American curl
  • British Shorthair
  • Persian cat
  • Scottish Fold
  • Siberian Cat
  • Norwegian Forest cat
  • British Longhair
  • Himalayan Cat
  • Maine Coon
  • Ragdoll

How rare is an all white cat?

5% of the total cat population is pure whites. And an all-white cat breed is prone to deafness and the reason for getting all white is because they are lack melanin pigmentation.

Are white cats more affectionate?

No, most of the white cat breeds are not affectionate by nature. They have attitude issues and if you ask which colored cat breed is more affectionate then I will say the orange one.

Do white cats have pink around eyes?

Yes, the White cat breed is more likable of having pick-colored eyes, although they can have other eyes color like pale blue or red. And one more thing their eye is not practically pink, it’s the light reflection that makes their eyes seem pink.

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Are white cats are good?

Yes, like the other color cat breeds white cats are not different in terms of behavior at all. They are lovely, kind, and affectionate like the other cats.

Are white cats common?

Yes, a cat with white patches or pattern are common but a pure white cat breed is not common at all. You can see only 5% of pure white cat breeds.

Are white cats are mean?

Yes, they are a little bit meaner and have a little bit of attitude in them but trust and love can change their behavior completely.

What are the white cats called?

A “white cat”. Yes, it is as simple as this. If a British shorthair is white then you should call them a white British Shorthair.

Conclusion – White fur cats in the US

Now you know about the 16 White cat breeds in the US and the diseases they are prone to and how to take care of a white cat breed.

So if you have any queries related to white fur cat breeds you can comment down below, comment section is always open for thoughts.

I hope this post might help you.

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